Drink every time:

"Trust No One" is uttered

a reference is made to Mulder’s porn habit

Scully says “Mulder, it’s me”

Mulder says “alien”

Cigarette Man smokes

Scully calls evidence “purely circumstantial”

Samantha is mentioned

Weird alien goo is…



St. Vincent, Pitchfork 2014


St. Vincent, Pitchfork 2014



This is why the ship works. It’s one out of respect, and recognition of each other’s needs. Scully constantly fears that she isn’t wanted or needed, but Mulder considers it his duty to let her know her worth. And when he’s self-destructive, and self-loathing, she reminds him of his humanity and good qualities. It’s a relationship of mutual respect and caring for each other.

And you can see from the smile that even his little utterance showing that he needs her is appreciated. And it’s what keeps them together.

#he protects her from harm #she protects him from himself

That is so perfectly put it hurts.

My band is going on our first tour in October, we have some friends helping us with booking and some places to stay already. Is there any advice you might have for a first tour?



Here’s a smattering of things I learned on tour:

  • Food will make or break you. Eating tasty garbage food at local places is fun, but eat at grocery stores whenever you can. Keep fast food at a minimum, except for occasional Sheetz runs because that place is glorious. 
  • Same for alcohol. Don’t drink too much, especially if you’re doing vocals. 
  • Again on a similar note, drink as much water as you can. 
  • If you want to have fun in the places you visit, be prepared to wake up super early or you definitely won’t have time to do anything before load-in. 
  • DON’T BE LATE TO THE GIG. Google maps can tell you with near perfect accuracy how long a drive will take. Add an hour for every three (my personal rule for long road trips) just to be on the safe side. 
  • Have your vehicle checked before you leave. Pay particular attention to brakes/brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, AC, etc. Bonus points if you have a mechanic friend who can do cheaper work for you after hours. 
  • Get an EZ Pass. Getting a new one only costs $25 and that all goes to loading your account. If you already have one, go on the website and add your van to the list. Sitting in traffic and fumbling for quarters should be a thing of the past. 
  • Buy strings in bulk. It’s cheaper anyway. Also buy a string winder for quick changes, because doing it by hand takes forever. 
  • Have a backup for important stuff that can break. Guitars, amps (or tubes if you’re able to bias your amp on the road), drum heads, cables, etc. I have an old solid state Peavey head that makes a perfect backup because it’s loud enough for guitar and bass and is basically a tank.
  • Vocalist tips: do your warm-ups or you will burn out after one or two shows. I also recommend throat coat tea mixed with honey. Drink it before and after your set. Rest your voice for at least 5-6 hours a day. Driving is a good time to do this. 
  • Bring a basic toolbox with pliers, screwdrivers, etc for quick gear maintenance. Maybe even a small soldering iron if things really go wrong. 
  • Practice packing your vehicle so you can get the most efficient use of your space. 
  • Do an idiot check after every gig. You don’t want to be that jagaloon who can’t play because you lost your 1/4” cable. 
  • Even if you’re super tired, watch at very least one of the local support bands. The gig would not be possible without them and often times they’re the ones booking. 
  • Always thank the promoter, etc during your set. 
  • If someone puts you up for the night, thank them as much as possible and give them 1-2 merch items of their choosing. Hospitality is worth at least that much.

I probably forgot stuff, but Thor from Swans wrote an amazing list which I back super hard. 

I hope that helps at least a little bit. Best of luck! Remember, touring is supposed to be fun. 

Great list, only thing I’d add:

  • Have 1-2 shirts or tanktops or blouses or whatevs exclusively to wear while you play. Keep them (and the rest of your luggage) at least semi-fresh with dryer sheets

Seems oddly specific but shit was honestly a gamechanger

Can’t wait!

Can’t wait!




this show.


this show.